Tsunami Disaster

Now, I’ve yet to post on the subject of the tragic events which occured over Christmas in Asia. Clearly my thoughts are with the families who’ve been affected by this disaster, and the sheer scale of the events which unfolded is beyond beleif – scenes more reminiscent of a Hollywood movie than a news report. That is not to bellitle the impact that these events have had – but to try to understand the scale of the disaster.

The BBC has now provided a How Can I Help page which lists many of the organisations who are collecting money to aid the relief efforts currently underway, including the "umbrella" organisation who are collecting on behalf of many well-known organisations (including Oxfam, the Red Cross, and Action Aid) – the donation can be done on-line or through a simple voice-prompt telephone system (it took about 2 minutes for me).

As the death toll continues to climb, I wonder how many lives will have been lost in this disaster – and hope that with the support of the world, those people who have survived can start the long process of rebuilding their lives, homes and businesses.