St Dwynwen’s Day

Apparently, tomorrow (January 25th) is "St Dwynwen’s Day" – which I found out about thanks to a display in my local Supermarket – following a brief text conversation with a Welsh friend, it’s the Welsh equivalent of St Valentines Day (or "Singles Awareness Day" as I personally prefer to refer to 14/2). Unfortunately for those of us who are in a "romantically challenged" situation, we still get V-Day as well on 14th February. At least St Dwynwen’s hasn’t taken hold as strongly as V-Day yet – once a year is often enough for the romantic gift/card/flower buying sickening couple-fest – twice in the space of 3 weeks is just dragging out the misery!

More "Singles Awareness Day" links and resources will be coming here in early February. Or you could just Google.


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