New Domain

I just bought a new domain name – at the moment there’s nothing there, but eventually it’ll point back here too – it’s

Don’t bother going there, it’s not going to be working, and won’t have anything there for a while, but I wanted to grab it before someone else beat me to it!


2 thoughts on “New Domain

  1. OK, I admit, I clicked it. Just to check it worked. Tom’s telling the truth though, its not interesting. I wonder how many other people will visit it now to see if I was telling the truth too. You see, I could be lying. There could be something very exciting lurking on the domain. I’m not saying there is, but well, you know…

  2. I think the only thing that can rightly be said about the new domain is that it’s a bit on the yellow side…

    At least it’s working – but I probably should have put a counter on there just to see how many people actually visited it!

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