Who – Oh, Doctor Who

Well, The new show is very good – but the BBC managed to make a mess of Doctor Who at transmission

OK, now I’ve gotten your attention! – The new show is very good – it has a lot of potential, a lot of energy and it is a Doctor Who for the 21st century. Yes, the first episode since the Paul McGann TV movie from the late 90’s needs to set the scene, needs to explain the TARDIS, needs to introduce the characters. However, the humour is a nice touch, the production values are very high, and yes it’s a lot of fun

I think with a “full episode” story without having to explain everyone’s role it’ll get better – there’s a ton of potential, and I think it’s gonna be great once it gets into it’s stride.

Now, onto the explanation of the first line – “The BBC managed to make a mess of Doctor Who” – well, the previous show was a live production called “Strictly Dance Fever” – one of these “competition” shows with a live audience, a phone vote, and later in the evening, a “results” show – however for some reason the BBC decided to fade up the sound from that studio over The Doctor – and suddenly we’ve got Graham Norton talking over the opening scenes and chase through the catacombs under the shop. Not good.

Edit: 27-3-05
It appears that the website which appears in the first episode is actually on the net! –
http://www.whoisdoctorwho.co.uk/visualdata.shtml for the pictures of the Doctor from history!


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