The Darth Side

In a piece of inspired writing, here we have a blog, written in the voice of one “D. Vader” with his personal thoughts on the events and situations presented in a series of 6 movies, movies set “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” – Yes, it’s Darth Vaders Blog!

Some brilliant ideas – including this take on the Millennium Falcon’s escape from Hoth…

You might be thinking some fruit would come of our ensnaring the Millennium Falcon as it fled Hoth. You would be a damned fool optimist. My elite squadron of StarDestroyers proved itself utterly incapable of a securing a single unescorted freighter travelling less than the speed of light.

a little later…

To demonstrate a more appropriate level of Imperial resolve I have commanded all wings to follow the freighter through Hoth’s asteroid belt. We are sustaining massive losses due to asteroid impacts and subsequent complications, but I feel confident that this will serve as an important object lesson to the surviving staff.

Simply inspired. The whole thing is massive, and well worth reading at


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