Fat, not Lazy

There’s a good article on the BBC News website today on this subject – Fat, not Lazy. Basically it’s making the point that not every fat person is a greedy lazy individual.

Speaking for myself, I find losing weight (which I desperately want to do) is a major battle of willpower over desire – altough I’ve never smoked, I can see that quitting smoking must be as difficult – the craving overriding the logic. I know that it’s my fault I let myself put the weight on, and it’s something only I can do anything about – but it doesn’t help!

Well, I’m still trying to shed weight (ideally, about 5 stone) – but many of the issues highlighted in the article apply to me – Lonliness and Stress are the main two things which I find driving me to search for comfort in food. I don’t tend to eat too much when I’m with company, it’s when I’m sitting at home on my own that I get bored and head for the fridge. I then hate myself for failing again, which is depressing, for which I search for comfort…. a vicious cycle.

I’ll manage to lose weight for a couple of weeks, then I’ll have a lousy week at work and put it all back on again 😦