Weird Science

Weird Science from 1985 – one of those movies you remember from when you were young, but had forgotten quite how entertaining it was – especially when you see it again on the big screen.

Weird Science is one of these films. It’s a silly piece of fun about two high-school nerds who use their computer to make a woman, and all the fun and sillyness that comes as a result.

The boys have a weekend “home alone” which starts off as a simple night watching old Frankenstien movies, and ends up with them driving fast cars and having a huge, destructive party, the highlights of which include a motorcycle gang and a large ballistic missile.

Bill Paxton is superb as Chet – Wyatt’s older brother, who has clearly spent some time at military school, and spends his life making Wyatt’s life miserable – he gets what’s coming to him by the end, and despite all the mayhem and destruction everything works out to a sugar-coated, happy ending.

4/5 (if you can see it on the big-screen – do so!)