Batman Begins

… or should it be “Yet Another Batman Movie”

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, The Batmobile;)
Director: Christopher Nolan

I have but one question to ask? Why?

Yes, Batman Begins is, well, a Batman movie. Lots of caped crusading, hand-to-hand fighting, a snazzy car, a secret identity, a very British Butler (played by Michael Caine, and by far the star of the show… well, apart from the car)

Obviously as the “start” of the Batman story is well known, Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered so he takes on the Batman persona for revenge and to fight injustice across the city – so what would a “beginnings” film be without rehashing all that again.

To the point, the film is actually quite good, lots of action, lots of storytelling – however, it all just seems a bit, well, pointless when it’s taken into the context of every other Batman movie…

Now onto the real star of the show, a 6 wheeled, armour plated, rocket launching batmobile – a car that finally fits the part – looking more a military vehicle than a sports coupe – this is a monster, that for once didn’t just exist as pixels in a computer – Pictures Here and Here

“Why do we fall? So that we might better learn to pick ourselves up.” seems to be the movies’ catchphrase – the lesson that is in there to be drilled into the collective pshyche of the moviegoing audiences the world over.