Kung Fu Hustle

I’m glad I used my Unlimited card for this one (and didn’t actually hand over money to see it)

Right, I have no objection to “foreign” films – nor Kung Fu movies – I loved “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” – however this is just utter tat.

Bad CGI fights (and this is so bad it makes the third Matrix film look realistic) combined with a truely dreadful plot about the residents of a slum fighting a gang, Kung-Fu masters with special powers (like being able to shout very loud, or jump like a toad) – a generous helping of bullet time effects, and the sum adds up to nothing.

The trailer made this out to be a comedy action film in the style of Jackie Chan – it’s not – the few jokes are in the trailer. It tries too hard to be too much.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.


One thought on “Kung Fu Hustle

  1. You’re a harsh critic Tom.
    I think this film has been the funniest this year, admittedly against not much competition. It was nicely tongue in cheek and I thought some of the effects blew The Matrix away.

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