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There’s an American TV show (shows on MTV in both the US and UK) called “Pimp My Ride” – They’ve made a UK version now…

Now, the American (original) versions works – set in California (home of the “hot rod”) they take various kids old bangers, usually kids who’ve got problems or give to the community, and “Pimp” them (fix up the problems, repaint (usually with neon colours and flames), redo the interiors, fit TVs, computers, games consoles, new sound systems)

In the US, this concept works, they’re following 50 years of customising old cars – and it’s a fairly entertaining show (thanks in part to the host, Rapper Xzibit and the crew at West Coast Customs who do the work)

In the UK however, it feels somewhat contrived, as over here the trend for custom cars involves taking an old Vauxhall Corsa and putting the biggest spoilers you can find on it to make it look, well, ridiculous, then adding illuminated washer jets, huge alloy wheels, and a stereo so loud it can be heard half a mile away.

So when MTV announced they were doing a UK version, I had visions of “Chav My Ride” – (see the photo at the bottom of this page for the GLC’s “Chavalier”) – however, so far, they’re following the US show, almost too closely, with host Tim Westwood taking the role of Xzibit as host – and the cars getting similar treatments with repairs, paintwork, new interiors, stereos etc – however there just isn’t the heritage in customising cars over here, to the point where the UK version of the show is done in the “PMR garage” – rather than a existing customiser!

Harmless entertainment, absolutely – daft, a bit fun, yeah, think “Changing Rooms meets Top Gear” – and the first car – a 40 year old Morris Minor got the full treatment with a games console, surf rack, hot-rod paintwork, and full leather interior, and it has to be said, it didn’t look terrible!


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  1. I heard they were going to do this, but I hadn’t realised the series had actually made it on air. I’ll have to look out for it – the PMR Garage sounds, erm, interesting.

  2. The PMR Garage is bascally a standard “Industrial Park” building – concrete and steel shed – however as they don’t do other work, they don’t have lots of other cars they’ve worked on in the background (or even under dustsheets) – it’s just big and empty.

  3. I have mixed feelings about Pimp My Ride UK.

    Tim Westwood is a good Radio Presenter and indeed know Hip Hop like the back of his hand.

    BUT…….Pimping Cars………………er sorry Westy….but its not your thing “G”.

    I think a UK Rapster/Pop Star should have lit up this programme…….someone who all the MTV UK viewers can relate too.

  4. Get rid of westwood and bring in Richard Blackwood, he would make it his own and be a much better presenter, Westwood ruined everything that makes the US version watchable. Wannabe black gangster!!




  6. how do i find the application form to be in with a chance of winning a place on pimp my ride uk version.

  7. I’d guess you need to contact MTV – maybe worth looking around their website.

    Update, indeed there is a link to contact the show – go into the garage by clicking the sign above the door, then on the back of the door is a “I want you” poster – click the poster…

  8. Hello,

    this is emma and kim we would like to know how to get our car pimped!
    could u please email us with a web address please!


  9. i am thinking from the comments that you people are making that you are not infact english. for your information the custom car scene in the uk is massive. in fact the uk modding garages build some of the best cars i have seen.

    also the garage that does all the work for pmr is carisma the best garage in the uk. the R5 turbo, tvr and all the other cars sat out side the garage were all done by carisma. jamie shaw rocks.

    as for tim westwood he may not be the best presenter but he does know his cars and isn’t doing that bad a job.

  10. I am English – I’m just not a big fan of really poor “Pimping” of cars – the kind of bodge-jobs I see around aren’t of a quality of work produced by carisma.

    PMR UK don’t mention the garage name, unlike PMR US, which is a shame as they seem to do good work – unlike the “home pimpers” we see around here.

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