James Doohan

In some sadder news today, one of the stars of the original Star Trek TV series and movies has passed away.

James Doohan who is most famous for his role as the Chief Engineer “Scotty” in the original Star Trek TV show, despite actually being Canadian passed away yesterday from a combination of Pnuemonia and Alzheimers desease, at the age of 85.

According to this story on the BBC, his ashes are to be launched into space on a flight currently scheduled for September.

I was trying to avoid using any cliched quotes from the series or movies here, but one just jumped out from the comments on this page:

It comes from the final scene of Star Trek 6 – The Undiscovered Country and is the order from Kirk when they’re ordered back to Earth be dicomissioned…

Third star to the left, and straight on till morning.”