On the morning of Tuesday 16th August, my grandmother passed away quietly following a period of illness.

Thinking back over my childhood brings back happy memories of times spent with my grandmother – the memories that stand out in my mind tend to date from when I was younger, times spent at her home as a child, walking her dog, playing in the park in the summer.

I have a number of clear memories; when I was in my early teens my family lived not too far from her and visited fairly often, many summer afternoons were spent at her house, playing with her dog. Simple innocent pleasures from a time when my life was much less complex.

It’s difficult to know what to write or say beyond that – however it doesn’t seem right that 30 years of my memories of a person can be condensed into a few short paragraphs.

It’s not really sunk in yet that she’s gone, despite it not being unexpected.

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