Audioscrobbler Upgrades

Audioscrobbler have re-vamped their site, given it a modern new look and made it look a lot more, dare I say it, “professional” – oh, and rebranded it as “

Audioscrobbler is what powers the “last 3 tracks” list in the sidebar, to see more of my musical taste click here


One thought on “Audioscrobbler Upgrades

  1. It generally seems a lot nicer than before, although I miss the old radio – even if it didn’t always work very well, at least I had the option of listening without having to download and install the radio player app (I don’t have admin rights to install anything on my PC in the office).

    Its good they’ve consolidated the Audioscrobbler & sites – I never really saw the point in having the same information on both sites, but one ( having many more features and looking much better designed.

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