I wonder if this is legal in the UK

Send back your postage paid envelopes… I already do this (just send the envelope back empty, or with the reply card not filled in) – but I don’t include extra stuff to push the weight up so it cost’s more…


2 thoughts on “I wonder if this is legal in the UK

  1. I believe it is legal in the UK too. I’ve seen posts of people mailing bricks back to the mailing company. I think one guy also got rid of a cracked bowling ball the same way.

  2. I’ve heard of this done too. The house I was in last year got tons of the stuff every week, particularly if you add in all the unaddressed leaflets for take aways and taxi firms. The other problem we had was over 8 kilos of letters for previous tenants who never filled out change of address forms for anything.

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