Now, it appears a UK council is going to start text messaging it’s householders to remind them to put out their recycling bins for collection…

The article then goes on say that people need to recycle more… I wish I could – where I live there are no recycling collections – no green bins.

If I want to recycle anything I’ve got to pack it up, load it into the car and drive it a few miles to the nearest collection point – and even then it’s only glass and newspaper – no plastics recycling.

Surely the pollution caused by the car journey defeats the point of recycling at all – until effecient doorstep collections are introduced, it’s just far too much hassle to recycle.

Now, if I could get the postman to sort the “unaddress junk mail” from the “normal mail” and post the real stuff through the letterbox and put the rest in a recycling bin, so much paper would be recycled…


One thought on “Recycling

  1. Years ago I saw a TV program that showed a wonderful machine that would sort out all the rubbish poured into it. Not just taking out steel cans but also all 9 classes of plastic, food waste etc… Aparently they were potentially going to be installed at all landfills and would pay for themselves fairly quickly since the useful material could be sold on.

    Shame it hasn’t happened really.

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