Detergent Spam???

Is this the next big thing in Blog Spam – yes, we’ve had adverts for poker, various “interesting” physical enhancements, american pharmacies etc – now it’s the turn of a kitchen cleaner, which instead of being bought through a website can be found on the shelves of any major supermarket chain in the UK.

In this Article from the BBC about commercial blog spam it is clear that a certain household name cleaning product produced by a well known and well respected company in the UK, is employing comment-spamming to advertise it’s wares.

Now, I have nothing against adverts on websites, and indeed, this website – via Google Adsense – however I don’t want to carry adverts on my site, using my disk space and bandwidth for which I am not in any way going to receive any payment. Companies have to pay for advertising space on billboards, in magazines or on TV, so why do they think they can advertise on other peoples websites for free?

Apparently the ad agency responsible has now Apologised to one of the websites involved, but even so, when a well known company employs spamming as part of its’ marketing campaign it is a step too far in my book.

Comment Spammers will not be tolerated on this site, and if I get any commercial comment spam (even now that commenters have to sign-up) I will remove the comments, but will also name and shame the culprits.


2 thoughts on “Detergent Spam???

  1. You should of course forward the spam email to the directors of the company in question. Power to the people. It does work believe me.

    Alternatively you could just buy my new product; known to most as that crap tinned ham stuff but I prefer to call it by its real name “Specially Prepared American Meat”



  2. Indeed, although I’d hope having to register will stop all the automated comment spam, but there may still be ad agencies out there spamming manually…

    (oh, and I’m fine for tinned meat thanks…)

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