Halloween is over (phew)

Well, another Halloween gone, another 10 or so groups of kids begging for “treats” with the threats of menances gone.

The thing I really hate is having to have so much chocolate in the house so I can “give it away” – the temptation to have a few myself is huge. Fortunately with so many groups this year (happily, mostly the “little kids with a parent” rather than mobs of teenagers) there’s not much left to keep for myself.

I suspect the first group of carol singers won’t be far away…


2 thoughts on “Halloween is over (phew)

  1. Call me tight, but I set up a video camera pointing to the front door with a monitor set up next to the TV so that I could “vet” who I answer the door to!

    It didn’t matter though – I was so late back from work yesterday that they’d all finished their rounds – though there were a few gangs of kids accompanied by an adult still roaming the streets when I arrived home.

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