Like Being in a War Zone

Well, it’s November the 5th – the day on which the UK celebrates the failure of Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

How do we celebrate – well, with fireworks of course – lots and lots of them… loud bangs and fizzes, lots of pretty colours – but the constant noise makes me wonder if this is what’s it’s like to live somewhere ravaged by war – the constant noise of shells being fired and explosions and flashes of light…

Remember when you’re enjoying the firework displays that there are people who live in fear of this kind of noise, and for them it’s not a bit of fun, it’s a war.


One thought on “Like Being in a War Zone

  1. Indeed, all over the world this evening there are people living in fear of war, or being killed because of war. For them, the loud bangs, flashes of lights and trembles in the floors is all too real.
    I think these people are too often forgotten about. And maybe Bonfire Night is not that off-topic. After all, it was Fawkes and his conspiritors who wanted to bring down the Government. In this day and age (as it was then), that would be considered enough of a reason to start a war.
    Alternatively thinking (but not forgetting), could the fireworks be considered a celebration of not letting people get away with this sort of thing! In this age of terror and all, maybe celebrating a foiled attempt of terrorism is good?

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