Voters Rejected God

Yes, it’s another “only in America” religion story…

link: Evangelist says voters reject God

I mean really… just let people make up their own minds, it’s not the place of authorities in a free country to dictate to people what they should believe. That’s not the way of “Western Civilisation” (and yes, that is relevant – the Intelligent Design debate has been going on for a while – and this started out when a school board was voted out for pushing ID in the science curriculum)


2 thoughts on “Voters Rejected God

  1. Looking at the related stories, it seems this isn’t the first time Mr Robertson has made stupid remarks. He also appears to be quite selective in his beliefs.

  2. Indeed – however my main point stands, the authorities in the US are trying to bring religion into schools via the “back door” – i.e. science lessons – my understanding is that the US constution provides clear seperation of “church” and state.

    Governments should not be in the business of controlling beleif. (nor should they be in the business of invading small, oil-rich countries who have no weapons of mass destruction – but that’s another rant for another time…)

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