Time of Year

I can’t be the only one who finds this time of year miserable – cold, damp, dark, dreary – now I barely see daylight from one day to the next, it just seems like I’m “going through the motions” of my life – one day blurs into another. 😥


6 thoughts on “Time of Year

  1. Do you not enjoy the crisp fresh morning? Yes, it is flipping cold, but I like the tingly feeling of seeing frost on the grass and my breath in the air.
    I would have to agree though, not seeing daylight after 4pm sucks. But on clear nights the sky looks beautiful with all the stars etc…

    Only another 5 months or so…

  2. Then I got to work, and thinsg went from bad to worse… but I try not to talk about work on here – and least not in specifics…

  3. Crisp, bright, sunny mornings – it’s been like that for a few days and I love it! This is about 2 miles from my house: and two days ago there was the most wonderful sight. Bright, low early-morning sunshine behind the mountains, vertical ripples of mist (like bed springs…) hanging just above the surface of the water, highlighted by the sun behind, frost on the ground. I wished I’d had my camera with me. I saw two other people on the side of the lake with cameras.

    Very cold, but I would far prefer lovely crispness and brightness like this to a milder but extremely depressing greyness and dampness. Like today.

  4. Crisp Bright and Sunny here is fine (as long as I realise early enough to scrape the ice off the car) – but today was Cold, Damp and Foggy here…

    However, Tom, I do see your point, and of course very soon we’ll be past the shortest day, and rapidly heading towards the start of the new coaster season 🙂

  5. The local woods I drive through every day have taken on a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Narnia like magic the last few days: First was the low lying mist, then the frost covered branches. Usually I’m pretty oblivious to the trees – this week you can’t fail to notice them. Wahoo for winter!

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