“It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas”

WooHoo – yeah, I hate Christmas when the shops start playing “Merry Christmas Everybody” in September – but now we’re into December, the decorations are going up at work (the 2 garlands the company provided are in reception, the rest of the office space will be a *lot* more garish and colourful once we’ve finished with it :> ) – the house will get the treatment over the weekend – the music’s playing, the work Party is planned, I’ve a small mountain of cards to write and post – yes, it’s certainly Christmas time.

Maybe I can shift the blue mood of the last month or so and have a little fun this month…

I almost managed not to mention the excessives of food that Christmas usually brings – I’m gonna try to be good and stick to the diet and gym routine… but I really don’t have much chance!


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