The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

I remember reading the books as a kid – and to finally see the world of Narnia on the big screen in all it’s spectacular glory is a treat.

Now, it’s a great film – not in the league of recent epics – but I have no doubt that the sequels will build on this, and like the other big series of films about children, will develop and grow…

However, be warned, for those not familiar with the books – the stories draw a parallel with the Christian gospels – a story of betrayal and sacrifice, a story of good versus evil…


2 thoughts on “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

  1. I think much has been made of the Christian parallel with one review branding the film as ‘overly religious’ which is grossly unfair. It is possible to enjoy the film with no knowledge of this and I am sure many people have. I thought it was really good but there was as with most films I have seen recent a few CGI hiccups that let down the otherwise excellent visuals.

  2. I’m certainly not describing it as “Overly Religious” despite the mentions in other media – and the fact that CS Lewis has written a number of books which are specifically religious – yes, there are parallels – however I don’t find the film to be “preachy” at all (and I have a Christian background so tend to spot these things quite quickly.

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