Yellow Diggers for Number One

Ooh, a bandwagon…

Let’s jump on it…

Let’s get the JCB Song to number one on Christmas Day!

(thanks James)


11 thoughts on “Yellow Diggers for Number One

  1. Coldplay would be fine too – at least they didn’t have to get voted through a TV programme to get “famous”

  2. Ah, proper musicians eh?

    Well I suppose Coldplay do write their own stuff and perform live without the help of miming!

    But I think the Cheeky Girls work harder at their vocal skills and their music is very progressive using new techniques and moving into unchartered territory with new musical devices!
    “We are the Cheeky Girls, we are the Cheeky Girls…” :p

  3. Who are the Cheeky Girls? I’ll admit I don’t keep particularly up-to-date with “mainstream” music that much…


    I think they performed at a Eurovision a couple of years ago, and since then they have cbeen hurning out rubbish music, relying on their bodies and Eastern European charm/naivety to sell records.

    Think Aqua (of Barbie Girl fame), and quadruple the tackiness!

  5. This does not matter. There was an X Factor single released this week which had the fifth highest first day sales of any single. This being more than you usually need in a week to get number one.

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