3,2,1,1, Huh?

According to reports, there is a plan to add a “leap second” to the UTC time (the official source of time) at midnight on New Years Eve – so the clocks will go from 23:59:59 to 23:59:60 before moving into 2006 – so how this will affect the countdown to the new year is anyone’s Guess – will Big Ben’s chimes be at the correct time?

Who knows…. and by midnight most people will probably be too drunk, and trying to find someone to kiss at the turn of midnight to care…



5 thoughts on “3,2,1,1, Huh?

  1. I’ve never understood the countdown to New Years Day. Time is not a constant, but merely a concept we have developed to help ourselves. Adding a ‘leap second’ is acceptable, but I’m sure everyone will completely ignore it.

    What would you do with an extra second?

  2. Really good question there Ollie – I think I’d spend my whole extra second doing what I intend to be doing at that time – sleeping for another 2 seconds until someone decides it’s time for a “fourth of July” style firework celebration!

    Any other (and hopefully better) ideas anyone?

  3. I’ll probably be doing the same! Although I won’t be working, I shall most likey be having an early night. And no doubt, and early rise at Midnight plus two seconds! And there is no shame in it. One of my staff is spending £120 on tickets to a dance/hippity hoppity/trancey wancey party at the Birmingham NEC or something.

    Nah! Drinking leftover whiskey from Chrimbo until I fall asleep on the sofa sounds better!

  4. £120 for a new years party – good grief… maybe I’m just getting too old, but that seems excessive!

    I’m not ashamed of not partying into the new year either, and no hangover to worry about either…

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