Following in the traditions of such “off the wall” themepark related websites as Waiting In Line (now, sadly lost) – alright, it’s not actually much of a “tradition” really – here we have a website devoted entirely to waterborne aquatic birds which make their lives in the grass and lakes of the worlds amusement parks.

Yes, the same ducks that hassle you for bits of your lunch at Oakwood, and can be seen happily swimming in the lakes at Thorpe (and no, we’re not mentioning the big plastic ones at Alton Towers or Chessington which are only there thanks to a certain sponsorship deal involving soap) – although said “fake” ducks do appear on this website too…

I think James might be slowly losing his sanity… but the site is actually well presented and he’s clearly spent some time and effort collecting the photos are designing the site.

Quacking stuff.


2 thoughts on “Ducks

  1. Quacking stuff, or just quacking up?

    How do you get down from a duck? With a ladder!

    I’m charging it to the duck – just put it on his bill.

    Sorry – I’ll get my coat…

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