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Quick “straw poll” – those of you who read this site via RSS, what feed-reader are you using – I’ve been using Bloglines for a while now, but find that for “low traffic” feeds (like many personal blogs are) the refresh can be as low as once or twice a week. (Bloglines seems to base it’s update frequence for any given feed based on the number of readers, and how often the feed is updated – fair enough – but it means I might not see a new post for days…)

My reason for sticking with Bloglines, is that as a web-based reader, what I’ve read is stored there, not on a PC – and as I use 3 different PC’s fairly regularly, I need something which is web-based, or I end up reading the same posts all over the place.

So, those of you who are registered, please let me know which reader you’re using!


5 thoughts on “RSS Readers

  1. I use RSS feeds but not as technical as that. I have added them to Firefox as live bookmarks which gives me the headings to see if there is a new article. That probably doesn’t help at all.

  2. Sorry Tom, I also use Firefox’s live bookmarks, and I actually visit your site and check the Recent Comments page – there’s nothing quite like actually being there!

  3. Ollie, I agree, even though I use the feeds to look for updates, I still go to the site to read – much better!

  4. Wykah, I tried sage for a while, and it was my feedreader of choice – but the “multiple location” problem still affected it – which is why I’m still using Bloglines at the moment… if I just used it on one PC, yes, Sage is still superb.

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