Adsense to be more annoying

According to this post on Google are apparently planning to bring in more “rich” advertising to Adsense, including intersitals, floating and expanding ads.

In other words, adsense goes from nice, subtle text ads (which I’m happy to have on my site) to annoying, expanding, floating, intrusive rich media ads.

I really hope they give me the option to not show these “rich” ads that I find so annoying on other sites, or I’ll be forced to remove the Adsense ads from this site. Google could be shooting themselves in the foot here – the thing that people like about adsense is that it is controlled, and doesn’t try to take over your site…

I think Google’s biggest problem with this is going to be selling it to the webmasters and bloggers who use adsense precisely because it doesn’t have these kind of adverts on it.

Looking at the other trackbacks and comments on that post, I’m not the only one who feels this way either.


One thought on “Adsense to be more annoying

  1. I haven’t heard of the expanding/floating ads, but I know Google are doing a lot of “upgrading” work on Adsense.

    They’re usually pretty good with changes to the network – in the past anything slightly controversial has been strictly optional. This was certainly the case when they introduced graphical context-sensitive ads into Adsense. I’d guess this time it’ll be something similar.

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