Cardiff’s Favourite Timelord


Today I popped into the Dr Who Experience exhibition in Cardiff – featuring a selection of costumes and props from the 2005 Series (plus a few older costumes too).

All in all, a nice exhibition, featuring not only the most recent series (Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor) but also small exhibits of each of the earlier Doctors, including some “monster” costumes like the Cybermen.

However once through the introduction, there was plenty to see, costumes, the Tardis itself, including a very small section of the interior set – did give a good idea of how big the new sets are though, then onto into the series specific stuff.

This is where I came face to face with the Dalek. They’ve animated this one, so on the press of the button, the head rotates, and the voice speaks… Other exhibits include the bomb that Captain Jack rides in the WW2 episode, and some of the aliens from Platform 1, including the small, blue Moxx of Balhoon.

Although a fairly small exhibit, I enjoyed it. Full photo gallery is here

The exhibition can be found at the Red Dragon Centre, and runs until February 26th