Friends Reunited Spammers

There’s a guy who is using Friends Reunited to send emails to everyone who ever attended Swansea University (and has registered with FR) – now So far he’s sent the same “invitation” 4 times – and it’s not a reunion at all, it’s a fundraiser.

So what is a reunion? Well, to my mind it would be a small group (a class, or a year group) who would have known each other during their time at the School/University. To my mind, a “reunion” cannot cover a 40 year timescale, as most of the people addressed would not have been at the university at the same time as me. A “reunion” would also not include an auction of sporting memoriabilia to raise funds for the Athletic Union.

As FR’s abuse department do not consider sending invitations multiple times for a fundraiser to everyone registered at a particular establishment over 40+ years to be an abuse of their system, I’m advising everyone not to use this service, and furthermore to remove their details.

Their advice “let the organisers know and they will not contact you” – remember that to send an email through FR to someone else requires a paid registration – something I have no intention of doing just to ask a spammer to stop.

As a result of the inaction of their abuse department I have removed my details from the site, and urge everyone else to do the same, before this spamming becomes more and more widespread, as clearly FriendsReunited do not intend to do anything about it, and don’t see why this is spamming rather than organising a reunion.

Update the link to remove yourself is fairly tricky to find, from the Friends Reunited homepage, select “Contact Us” link down at the bottom of the left side linkbar, then the option to delete yourself, confirm your password and that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Friends Reunited Spammers

  1. The couple that set up the site no longer own it as ITV recently bought it from them. In their defence it could be that they’re still in a state of transition. It would be ironic to have a media company getting bad press.

  2. I didn’t know that. You think they’ll be rebranding into ITV Reunited? No, wait, that’s what Carlton have been doing over the last few years anyway. Oh for the days of Thames and LWT…

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