It’s another OLED Keyboard

Spotted this on Slashdot (so the server will probably die due to bandwidth overload in a few minutes)

the folks that are developing the OLED keyboard I’ve mentioned before, have produced a device with 3 buttons each with an OLED display under it. Looks interesting.


4 thoughts on “It’s another OLED Keyboard

  1. Wow, I really want one of those keyboards. Not too keen on the mini 3 button one though, still really kool though.

  2. Given that the introductory price of the 3 button “keyboard” is $100 – I dread to think how much the full size keyboard is going to cost.

    This thing is going to be very restricted to the hard-core gamer, and professionals who use things like Autocad… people who are willing to spend huge amounts of money on such a thing!

  3. I wish I had huge amounts of money to spend on such a thing – but I don’t… and if I did, I have better things to spend the money on.

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