V minus 12

Well, Valentines-Day (V-Day) is 12 days away, so those tech newsletters have started posting “gift ideas” on their mailing lists and RSS feeds… so I think it’s time to show quite the kind of stuff these folks are trying to push (I’ll update this post from time to time to reflect additions that are worth mentioning…) – these are all taken from “valentines sale” emails, or “suggested gifts” pages on websites.

Of course, some of these are American websites, although the products are likely available over here too…

Pink Phone
Suggested additions – Flowers and Chocolates.

Tech Gifts
Apparently, most men would prefer to get tech gifts than flowers on V-Day from their partner.

Digital Camera (NSFW)
“Record romantic moments with your loved one for posterity with this
Ultra compact digital camera” Of course, posting them on the internet is entirely optional…
(some images on the Tchibo “valentines” website which the above link goes to are possibly NSFW, depending on how open minded your employer is!)

Then of course, the gift that screams “Oh, I forgot to get anything” – an e-card!

Roses from Aldi
Title says it all, why go to a florist when you can buy your true love a bunch of roses from a supermarket.


4 thoughts on “V minus 12

  1. The nearest Aldi to me is about a mile out of my way. The petrol station on the way home is always the best bet for dry and wilted flowers! But it’s the thought that counts!

  2. Surely the fact that a valentines gift has come from a supermarket or petrol station shows that you haven’t thought!

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