I seem to go through phases where I’m posting little more than links to other places – I’m trying to get into the habit of writing more “proper” posts where I actually talk about things I’m thinking about… however as I don’t talk much about work on here, I’ll have to find some other subjects…

There is of course, the “other website” that I run, that of the European Coaster Club. Currently I’m looking at the challenges of webcasting our AGM live over the web. The main problems here are that I don’t know where we’re holding the event yet, I don’t know when we’re holding it, and most of the likely locations for the event are unlikely to have a high-speed broadband connection available to us.

Talk about a challenge!

As you’ll see from the previous posts, I’ve been updating the software this site runs on, and tweaking the look and feel of the pages.

If you’re wanting more “proper content” in my writing, I’ve got a nice rant lined up for Valentines Day – keep checking back for when that one appears – plus I’m planing to keep the “V Minus” series of posts running as and when I get more interesting emails advertising stuff to buy my non-existant girlfriend for a holiday which celebrates a certain person meeting a very violent end. (see last years Valentines post)

Nothing has yet topped last years Valentines Shopping opportunity offering me the chance to purchase an acre of land on another planet as a gift for my significant other… but there’s a few days to go yet!

Maybe I’m waffling a bit, maybe I’m a bit depressed, maybe I should get some sleep before I have to get up and go to work…


One thought on “Phases

  1. Let me guess, Kev’s pisstake suggestion has been taken as serious by Voldemort and he’s asked you to “make it so”.

    If it’s stressing you out tell him to take a jump. Sod it being a challenge. Peace of mind and your sanity comes first.

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