Yes, so it’s Jumanji in Space – complete the game to get home.

However, having said that, it’s clever, fun, well paced and a lot better than Jumanji! The kids are almost believable, the green lizard aliens are, well, green and very scaly!

Entertaining enough, the kids will like it, the adults won’t get bored either.


2 thoughts on “Zathura

  1. The film titles are missing which makes guessing the film based on the description alone a nice little unintentional game.

    Maybe that idea could be used in final film of the trilogy. If so they could name it after me, after all the nickname makes just as much sense as Jumanji or Zathura.

    Wykah, coming to cinemas in 2007.

  2. Hmm – dunno what’s going on there – trying clearing your cache – they’re working for me (on Firefox

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