Pipeline – the power of bulk purchasing

There’s an organising called “Pipeline Card” who are currently building up a user base of people interested in getting fuel from a “major retailer” at a discount.

At the moment they’re guaging interest by getting folks to register with a mailing list – it seems the only information they require to register is your name and email address.

Go check it out – I’ve signed up – but how much use it is to me depends on which retailer it is, and how much discount they give – currently around here the supermarkets are already 4 or 5p a litre cheaper than the “branded” garages – and if the branded garage in question isn’t one that has branches in my area, it’s not going to help me much!

One to keep an eye on certainly, and it should be interesting to see how this pans out – but I certainly can’t see any harm in signing up to get the information mailings, and if as it seems, this isn’t going to cost anything, why not. If I can use it great, if I can’t use it, so be it – I’ll stay with my regular supermarket diesel.

URL: http://www.pipelinecard.org


4 thoughts on “Pipeline – the power of bulk purchasing

  1. The look of the site (www.pipelinecard.org) appears to be inspired by BP’s recent new look, although that could be pure coincidence.

  2. Well, if it is BP, I’ll still be able to use any discount occasionally, and that’s still better than nothing!

    Thanks for adding the link – I’d forgotten to include it in my post!

  3. The look of the site (www.pipelinecard.org) appears to be inspired by BP’s recent new look…

    You mean it is green and orange and yellow? I’m currently starting a new look to a site with those colours, am I going to be accused of being in league with BP? (Joke :-p) Have you become more cynical than me, James?
    Although having looked through the site a bit, there are a few other ‘subtle’ hints towards BP. It might be worth it but I think I’ll ‘wait and see’ first.

  4. Cynical, why of course! :p

    No, I wasn’t really thinking of the colours as such – more the overall graphical elements are very geometric & flat. They’ve just redone our local BP garage & shop. Walking in there now feels like you’re walking into that website (a very strange experience!)

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