Chicken Little

The story of Chicken Little (for those who don’t know it – it’s similar to the “boy who cried wolf” fairy tale) gets a modern, 3D CGI reworking.

The casting is superb, and there’s so many little background jokes to keep the adults amused. If you’ve seen “The Lion King” you’ll be laughing out loud within the first 20 seconds.

The suberb voice cast, led by Zach Braff (best known for his role as JD in TV’s Scrubs) is matched only by the qaulity of the animation and design – the visual jokes abound here too – watch out for the crop circles!

Disney’s first foray into full-scale CGI Animation (at least, their first without Pixar’s involvement) is excellent fun – kids and adults alike will enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. The Vue in the West End is showing this in “Disney 3D” with the obligatory 3D spectacles to wear.

    Is it this kind of film, as I’m contemplating going to see it for that reason only. Can you recall there being any scenes where characters swing a pole out over audience and say “look at the end of my pole” as always happens in 3D films.

  2. Thinking back, there are a couple of scenes with the aliens where that would happen – but nothing that looked out of place in 2D projection. It certainly didn’t seem filled with 3D “into the foreground” stuff

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