Why can’t I do this?

Why can’t I lose weight?

Why when I’m trying to lose, do I gain, despite desperately wanting to lose?

Why can’t I stick to my diet – why do I give in to the cravings for fatty food?

Why do I feel like such a failure? I can’t even do something simple like “eat less” and “get more exercise”


3 thoughts on “Failure

  1. You can’t be taking it seriously enough and you punish yourself when it’s too late.

    You need to tell yourself that snacks are bad BEFORE you think about going to buy them, pick them off the shelf, actually buy them, or eat them.

    Eating snacky stuff must be your routine and you have to change that. It’s all down to willpower Tom. It’s the only way you’ll break the vicious circle that you’re in.

    “Being overweight makes me depressed and when I get depressed I turn to food, which puts the weight on.”

    Set yourself a short-term goal that is achievable and once you’ve reached it’ll become part of your new routine and you won’t even notice the change. Similar to the no drinking in January that a lot of people do, just extend the end date once you reach that milestone.

    No chocolate until February then when you get to March no crisps until March, just don’t reinstate the chocolate.

    If it helps I’ve been avoiding fizzy drinks since the start of the year and although it meant the kitchen is overstocked with bottled water, I’ve done it and I don’t miss it anymore. I still order meal deals from the pizza places but even they’ll offer water instead of coke, tango etc..

    This month I’ve added sweets in general to the list, not that I’m a big eater of those anyway. March will be the pizza.

    Set yourself a goal that targets the eating nothing else. Goals like “2lb a week” or “fitting on a certain ride” haven’t worked so you’ll need to be more direct.

    Oh, and focus on the good stuff that happens to you, not the bad. It helps to be positive.

  2. Perseverance is the key, I have every confidence in you.

    Why not “stage” the diet, if that you are doing now is un-manageable start with a goal that is and work up to it.

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