Happy SAD.

As the “V Minus” countdown reaches it’s inevitable conclusion for 2006 the most depressing day of the year will be upon us again. So I say it’s time for use singles to be utterly selfish and not wallow in self-pity, but do something for no reason other than “to enjoy it”.

Today, take every opportunity to remind your “attached” friends of the ball-and-chain that every 14th February presents, being forced by society (and the greetings cards/chocolate/fresh cut flowers industry) to buy extravagent gifts for “that special someone” – and to be made to feel bad if you’re not extravagent enough.

To those of you in relationships, maybe your partner is happy with nothing more than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates from the supermarket as an expression of your feelings, but for many others it seems that if you’re not pushing your credit card to it’s limit, you don’t really care at all. “What you only got me a bunch of cheap flowers – where’s my pink iPod with my name engraved on the back?”

The stores pushing this mountain of pink are so much to blame, as I’ve highlighted over the last couple of weeks, the ideas for Valentine gifts this year include expensive hi-tech items, like cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players and the like – Valentines has moved on from the days of a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Now you’re expected to spend big money, like you would for Christmas (which you’re no doubt still paying for, it only being February) or a Birthday.

So, today is the day for all us “singles” to be thankful that we don’t have to be drawn into this over-commercial celebration of death (see last years post for the bloody history of St Valentine) – and instead can spend the day being totally self-indulgent and doing what we want to do.

Poor people, shackled in a relationship on Singles Awareness Day – how can that be right?

Of course, this post is being written with toungue firmly in cheek – seriously, If you’re happy in a relationship, good for you.

Now, firstly, I actually wrote this post a couple of weeks ago – triggered by the onset of St. Dwynwen’s Day this year – so here is my prediction for the number of V-Day cards I’m gonna get this year.

Zero – same as the last 5 SAD’s. I’ll add a comment to show if I was right…

So here I am celebrating my 6th successive SAD without a hint of any kind of relationship – and yes, I’m bitter about it. 😡

The thing about today that makes me really sick, is that the media and greetings card companies make such a big thing about it – I mean the cards have been in the shops since, well Christmas really… if you’re going to be all “lovey dovey” – please don’t do it around me. Get a room.

Now, to all those single people out there, join me in this day of self indulgence – use the freedom that not having a relationship gives you – go get a really good (defined as lots of guns and explosions – it’s just a shame “Doom” hasn’t been released on DVD yet – maybe one for next year…) all-action shoot-em-up movie on DVD (preferably something with no romantic sub-plot at all), turn down the lights, turn up the sub-woofer and enjoy.

Even better, if you have some other single friends, go out and do something as a group – whether it’s seeing a movie, getting drunk, being bitter about past relationships – or even all three – go for it.

Useful links (note, many of these sites contain adult language, and as such are not suitable for minors, and some are definitely not safe for work!)
SAD Sites:
=> (Refresh the front page a few times before venturing into this site – warning, this is definitely NSFW but the “art gallery” is worth checking out!)

Suggested Films:
=>Die Hard / Die Hard 2 / Die Hard With A Vengeance [1990]
=>Rambo Trilogy (Three Disc Box Set)
=>Sin City [2005]


3 thoughts on “Happy SAD.

  1. Well, I got home from work, and very carefully checked behind the front door for unexpected valentines cards – and there to my complete lack of surprise, I found absolutely none.

    Yes, My prediction was absolutely accurate.

  2. I needed to read this post this morning. Valentine’s Day… I’m try to forget that it’s today. Well, I’ll be celebrating “Singles’ Awareness Day” too, I’m going to rent Terminator 2 or something. Die Hard has that scene at the end in which he reconnects with his wife. That’s too lovey-dovey for me. The terminator is a machine and so he can’t love. That’s the kind of movie I need. Plus there’s that awesome scene where he has the shotgun hidden in the flower bouquet… A perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day image.

  3. Billy – welcome!

    I actually ended up going to see “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” at the cinema – fortunately there’s very little kiss-kiss and a lot of bang-bang…

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