The Last Valentines Post

This should be the last post on the subject of valentines… (at least, for this year)

Last night, after going to see a movie, I decided to do a late-night grocery shop – and bizarrely, Tesco was full of couples! Why?? Do people think “it’s Valentines day, so I’ll take my girlfriend grocery shopping”.

At least by the time I’d gotten there they’d already stripped all the pink hearts off the shelves and replaced them with a display of cheap CD’s – I was expecting them to go straight to the calorie-laden chocolate-fest known as “Easter”… so it’s a pleasant surprise that they’ve found something else to do first.

How romantic. I think I was the only “single” in there!

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2 thoughts on “The Last Valentines Post

  1. All these posts on valentines have backfired. Have you seen what Google is now advertising on your site? A few posts on video games and alcohol and the site should return to normal.

  2. Malcolm – you are indeed right – although the adverts may be relevent to the content, I’m not happy with the performance of the adverts in the slightest…

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