Security and Banks


I just got an interesting message from my bank (via their website)…

Do You Use Wireless Broadband (Wi Fi)? Then you should be aware when using wireless networks to always ensure all security features are turned on so nobody else can access your information. We strongly advise you to review your configuration and ensure that strong encryption and authentication features are turned on. Features such as “128bit WEP” and more recent, and more secure, “WPA encryption technologies” are essential to protecting your data. For further information on Wi Fi security go to

I think this is good thing – if people who are running unsecured WiFi networks start getting advice about securing them from their bank (rather than via techies or their ISP) maybe they’ll take heed. After all, they already know that security is important with money, and maybe seeing a message like this will help people make the connection between poor PC security habits at home, and the risks they face.

Now if the banks would start putting messages out about Phishing, Spyware, and BotNets then maybe it’ll start to turn the tide of the hordes of compromised PC’s out there.