The jump is complete

Well, the changeover to WordPress is finally complete (or at least, as complete as these things ever are!)

Yes, there is likely to be a neverending series of additions and upgrades, but as things stand now the site is migrated, the templates are at the point where I’m happy with them, and things generally seem to be OK.

I’ve got a few things left to add – and some minor tweaks to the template, but I’m generally happy with the way it’s turned out.

I wish i’d done this a long time ago – the backend of this is far superior to b2evo, and the anti-spam seems more capable too (but only time will tell there)

Please note, I think I broke the RSS feeds during the migration – so please check your subscriptions – the new feeds are linked both in the sidebar (look for the orange buttons) and at the bottom of the page. Firefox will autodetect them too.


13 thoughts on “The jump is complete

  1. The contact page is on the “todo” list – as is going back through the colophon and checking the links…

    As for the header photo, when I’ve got some time, I’m going to do a few more in that style, and rotate them from time to time…

    (for those who don’t recognise it, the coaster is G-Force at Drayton Manor Park – and the original photo can be found in the gallery)

  2. Of course, it would be useful if I could figure out how to create those links (known as pages) up the top there so they point to a page outside the WordPress structure… (the “photos” link is a kludge done by editing the template itself – it’d be nice not to have to…

  3. As it is so late, I won’t do this now, but tomorrow after the Grand Prix I’ll upload the K2 theme to my test site and have a gander – you never know, I might be able to help.

    For now though, I’m going to assume K2 uses a line in the header.php file which is something like:

    …Which calls all the pages (or at least the parent pages). I’m now thinking…

    …Are you asking if there is a way to add an external link to the top nav bar without having to edit the header.php file itself? To be honest, if that is the question then the answer is probably no, unless the theme author included such a thing with the theme.

    Isn’t the “Photos” just a page which calls upon Coppermine? Much like the Quotes page queries a table in the database.

    Sorry Tom, I’m really tired right now (and half way down a bottle of Chianti) and what I have just typed is probably complete gibberish. I’ll take a fresh look for you tomorrow.

  4. Heh!

    Which is something like:

    Seriously, someones gotta tell me how to enter a line of code into a comment without the software thinking it really is a line of code.

  5. Very nice. How difficult is all this since I fancy bringing back my site but in a blog style. I do local band reviews now and I am using msn’s spaces thing but it is a touch rubbish.

  6. Ollie, the “photos” link is exactly that – an edit to the header in the theme.

    John W – very very easy to get started – get some webspace which can run code and supports a database (I’m on’s cheapest package) and you can install wordpress from their control panel, or download it from the Set your password and you’ll be up and running – customising is the time consuming bit – but there are a load of Plugins available, or you can write pretty much anything you like in PHP.

    It’s so far and away beyond what you can do with an MSN space – of course you’ll have to buy a suitable domain and arrange the hosting – but to be honest, that’s the hard part!

  7. I’ve just migrated the RSS feeds to Feedburner – so hopefully, both the new and old feeds for the main content should now work. Comment feeds from the old addresses won’t but the link for the new comment feed is at the bottom of the page – and now each post can have it’s own comment feed too.

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