3 Years On

The BBC is reflecting on the fact that’s it’s been 3 years since the coalition invasion of Iraq with the purpose of searching for those still-elusive weapons of mass destruction overthrowing an evil dictator, and asks the question – “Would we do it again?”

Not surprisingly really, the answer is “no”, as the UK Government basically followed the trigger-happy US adminstration into a war about weapons of mass destruction regime change.

The question of “should we have gone in the first time” – of course, remains steadfastly unanswered, as does the one about when we’ll get our troops out of there and leave a war-ravaged and unstable country (a war, which admittedly the US and UK governments started) with insurgents making the news on a daily basis, to fend for itself, so we can concentrate our taxpayers money on solving the problems here at home.

Problems we have to face of course include the lack of NHS dental care, crime on our streets, the rapidly rising financial burden on the regular Joe on the street – paying through the nose for his petrol, and ever more so, his gas and electricity, while the government spends a fortune on the ongoing military activites in the middle east.