What’s so good about a Mac?

This is a serious question – I know there are a couple of Mac users who read this (thanks to the server logs) – I’ve been looking at Mac’s in the stores, but I’m trying to figure out why people say they’re better…

Apples latest adverts seem to suggest that the Mac is a better place for an Intel chip than a PC every was. Why? What makes the Mac so much better to use? I don’t want to go and spend a few hundred quid on a Mini (which seems to be the most economical way into the world of Mac – given that I could reuse my PC’s monitor etc) if I’m not going to get any benefit over my existing PC. I need to know that if I spend the money, I’ll get something “better” in some way – but I won’t lose out in other ways.
So I’m offering up this challenge – sell me on giving a Mac a go – pursuade me that I will benefit from making the switch. Please however don’t make your arguments based on security or viruses etc – tell me why it’s better to use for my day-to-day tasks.

Remember also that many of the so called “features” of MacOS (like Widgets or Expose) can be added to a Windows XP system with mimimal fuss – tools like Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator) give similar functionality.

I will not let the comments turn into a Mac vs Wintel warzone – I want justified honest debate as to why a Mac is better.