Are we incompetent?

A story from the BBC shows that “young” people (under 50!) from what they’re terming as the “flat pack generation” are totally incompetent at basic household tasks and repairs – like unblocking a drain or wiring a plug.

Good grief.

I thought everyone could manage such basic things as wiring a plug, changing a fuse, knowing what to do with a sink plunger (although even I’ll admit, should I need to unblock a sink, I’d have to go and buy a plunger first… but I wouldn’t hesitate to do so). I’d have no worries tackling slightly more major jobs (like changing a light switch, or replacing a tap washer).

However, I agree with the comments that repairing a major appliance (like a washing machine) is just not economical any more once the warantee expires the costs of parts and labour for, say, changing the drive motor, wouldn’t be far off the cost of replacing the entire appliance – but that’s the result of modern production techniques, and the global labour market, I wouldn’t expect the average householder to tackle a job in that scale.
If people are now getting into the habit of calling an electrician to change a fuse, maybe I should consider a career change – charging someone £50 to do a job that takes 5 minutes sounds like a way to make money to me…