A little Speed anyone…

[inspic=65,right,fullscreen,thumb]Well, what more can I say, than to simply show this picture – yes, that is the first drop on Speed at Oakwood.

Today I was fortunate to be able to visit Oakwood park, for the opening celebration of their all-new coaster, the very beyond-vertical coaster, Speed.

This is a ride that although looking very very intimidating, is actually a great deal of fun, perfectly paced, quick, smooth, with plenty of forces throughout – it’s certainly a ride that makes you feel you’ve done something at the end – but with all that, almost without exception everyone I saw getting off that ride had a smile on their face – which says a lot – it’s a winner, it’s a ride that people are going to enjoy again and again and again.

I for one will be looking forward to getting back down to Oakwood in the near future to ride this one many more times.