A Lotta Locomotion

Well, I finally decided to go see Starlight Express – my first time at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Superb venue – not as claustrauphobic as many theatres can be.

As for the show, well, it was the same production and cast as the Bristol performance I saw a year or so ago – with one major difference – no understudies playing the roles. The result, the show was as sharp and slick as it should be – no hesitations or nervousness from the cast – absolutely superb, and the “polish” of the show meant it was far and away more enjoyable than last time round.

The staging was slightly different this time, no “runway” out into the audience, and a much “tighter” staging probably helped the performance – they clearly have 2 versions of the show for different styles of theatre – this one was much much better.

Update: According to this comment from Stu – this is a scaled-down version of last years tour (which explains the staging differences)