Pound A Litre?

Running on EmptyYup – I’ve seen 99.9p per litre for Diesel in several places over the last few days – I can only assume it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more protests and unrest over the sheer costs of fuel (and the taxation that amplifies the effect of the crude prices)

Bus fares have gone up (again) here, no doubt they’ll blame the price of oil – but won’t drop the fares again if the fuel prices fall. The only people who can change the problems being faced by the UK’s public are the politicians – the people who set the taxes – the increasing costs of fuel and gas are having a knock-on effect on everything (except the published inflation rates, which don’t include either petrol or domestic heating).

Fuel prices could easily lead to runaway inflation, if the Government doesn’t do anything to control this.

Bring on the protests.

(Story from ICWales that includes prices from garages across Wales)


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