Counting Coasters

Thanks to a posting on the ECC‘s mailing list – I’ve discovered the website “Coaster Count“.

Now, I’ve been through my memory, and have listed every coaster I’ve been on – and it’ turns out that the last “new” coaster I rode was my 250th rollercoaster ridden. (to clarify, I don’t count powered coasters!)

The ride (as regular readers may have guessed) was Speed at Oakwood. At least that milestone of riding was passed with a really good ride!


5 thoughts on “Counting Coasters

  1. I’ve signed up too and it does look very good.
    It’s missing a few of the travellers though.
    Tom, did you find Speed Loop at Funderland for example?

  2. Good point Malcolm – that’s actually a bit of a shame, as it changes my 250th… 😦

    I’ve sent them an email to tell them that one (and the Crazy Mouse) are missing from their database.

    If I add those two in (Speed Loop and the Crazy Mouse from Funderland which is also missing from the database), it changes my 250th coaster from Speed to G-Force at Drayton Manor park (picture) towards the end of last year.

  3. They also seem to be missing James Burton’s Dragon that appeared at Hyde Park over Christmas – I can’t fault the park coasters yet though. They even have the largest coaster in Greece listed (!

    I like the compare feature and the maps will be excellent when they’ve got more co-ordinate data for parks across the world. If only somebody already had that information and had put it into Google Earth… :p

  4. Looks like the Funderland coasters have now been added to the database 🙂 taking my total to 252. (270 including Powered coasters)

    It’s just a shame you can’t make your list of coasters totally public and link to it… only other coastercounter users will be able to read this list:

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