Messenger Beta 3

Now, the latest beta of MSN Messenger Windows Live Messenger is finally out

Now, to me, it doesn’t seem to add anything about MSN 7.5 apart from a new look – there’s nothing really radical in there…

However the few big features that I think would lift it into a new era are all missing… and they’re all things that a 3rd party messenger app known as Trillian can do…

  • Docking to the edge of the screen
  • Allowing me to talk to friends on AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! etc

Microsoft have clearly missed an opportunity to catch up here – yes, Messenger 8 Beta 3 looks very pretty, with it’s graduated colour schemes and colourful icons, but it’s still no Trillian.

Plus Microsoft are clearly trying to use messenger to push other paid services (or things that will likely become paid services) and under the new “Windows Live” banner, you’ll be able to use “Windows Live Mail” (formerly “Hotmail”), “Windows Live Today” (a web portal), use “Windows Live Calling” to call any landline (can anyone say “Skype”), “Windows Live Shopping” (as long as you’re using IE…), “Windows Live Favourites” (an excellent idea, store your browser favourites on the web somewhere – again, only for IE)

If anyone knows of a “Live Favourites” type thing that works in Firefox, please let me know!

You can get this by registering on the Windows Live website