NTL – are things changing

Well, a year or so ago, I wrote a few posts about NTL (see here and here and here) , and the problems I’d had with them, so it’s only fair to report on my latest experience of them…

Last night I called them to find out how much longer I had to run on the discounts I was being given “in apology” for the events of last summer – I got through to a helpful operative in their call center, who spoke English without an Indian accent (yes, NTL still use UK based call centers) and actually seemed to have a clue.

After getting over my initial shock, he went on to give me the information I asked for, and explained that as my package price was increasing, pointed out a new offer they had, whereby for an extra pound over what I was going to be paying, I could get a broadband speed upgrade, and access to the NTL Broadband plus package (basically, a few “free” music downloads and photo prints) – which all seemed like good value… then the big incentive, the “mid-tier” broadband package was going to double in speed in the next few weeks, so I could go from a 1Mb/s connection to a 4Mb/s connection for £1.

Needless to say, that was incentive enough! Finally, a thumbs-up for NTL customer service, let’s just hope the changes they’re making to their staffing following the Telewest merger don’t destroy the progress they’ve clearly made over the last year. Now maybe I’m speaking too soon, but I wonder what’ll happen next…