Refuse Refusal

Just came across this one – the Welsh Assembly are considering charging for the collection of household rubbish – apparently to encourage recycling.

Here’s a newsflash for you – I already pay the council for the collection of my household rubbish – it’s called council tax (yes, I know it also funds such things as the police, road maintenance, and schools, but as the roads are full of potholes and the schools aren’t exactly keeping the children locked up during the day, they’re obviously not where the money is going)

To the AM’s – the way to encourage recycling is simple – make it quick, make it easy, make it kerbside. I don’t want to have to lug the occasional glass bottle down to the disposal center (using far more fuel to do so than a doorstep collection would), and I don’t want to have to collect them for months before I have enough to make the trip worthwhile. Pick up stuff that can be recycled (including plastics) from the kerbside and you’ll find that people will recycle.


4 thoughts on “Refuse Refusal

  1. At the moment we have a load of the recycle bank things about thirty steps from our flat – it’s very handy. But we’re moving in a few weeks and I just don’t see being as motivated to have to pack everything in my car, drive over there and unpack it all again. You’re right with the kerbside thing – my parents have it and they are religious about recycling now.

  2. Chris, you’re absolutely right – my parents have 3 collections – general refuse (black bags), recycling (cans, bottles, paper) and compostable (grass clippings etc) – and the compostable stuff that doesn’t go into their own composter goes into the council bags for their compostable collection.

    Plus of course it’s considerably more efficient (and therefore environmentally friendly) to send one truck (preferably electric or hydrogen gas powered – it doesn’t need to be fast!) round the estate collecting rubbish than have us all load our rubbish into our cars and drive to the recycling center.

    I’ll admit now, I don’t recycle a great deal – it’s just so much hassle at the moment – I do collect my glass bottles and jars and when the “collector box” fills up, take them to the glass bank – but washed glass bottles and jam-jars don’t smell if they sit around for weeks…

  3. This hasn’t been very well thought out…the reason why we get problems with dumping (old sofas, mattresses etc) is that it’s either expensive or awkward to get rid of. If people are charged for every bag they leave out for collection then they will simply dump their rubbish on the side of the road somewhere.

  4. Well, down here in Cardiff, they currently collect large and bulky items (e.g. TV’s, Sofas, matresses, white goods etc) for free, but items too large/heavy to deal with in the regular kerbside collection have to be “booked in” by phone or through the council website for a special collection.

    It works, and ‘cos it’s free, and they’ll come to the house to collect, it does kinda discourage fly-tipping – ‘cos it’s less hassle than dragging the item to the side of a dual carriageway several miles away and chucking it in the river.

    Of course, what’s to stop me putting one of my neighbours addresses on the black bag – how would the council know it was or wasn’t mine? It’s not hard to scan and duplicate a barcode…

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